Stephan Malik


Malik has directed commercials for brands including Samsung, Toyota, Pepsi, Ace Hardware, Sears, Avis, Southwest Airlines, Ebay, Maytag, Truth, Sprint, Chevrolet, Red Bull, Nissan, Shapeways, P&G, Oral-B, Motorola, and others.

With a natural eye for striking compositions, Stephan Malik creates films that not only tell an interesting story, but also capture the organic beauty found inherently within each scene. Utilizing a cinema verité style, Malik strives to film his talent within their own environments, allowing the narrative to unfold through intimate conversations and observed moments. By combining a variety of formats, including HD, film, and still photography, Stephan Malik creates a look that feels both classically cinematic, yet uniquely modern.

The passion for photography and love of cinema inspired Malik to begin filming his own material at a young age. His work caught the eye of famed recording group Wu-Tang Clan, who hired him to direct a feature documentary about their life and long-awaited album. This film features rare interviews with Quincy Jones, Method Man, RZA, NAS, among others. In 2012, he was a chosen for the New Director Showcase at the DGA Theater in NYC. He has won accolades from ADDY, AICP, Cannes Lion and recently a Tongal award for commercial of the year for Oral-B, which aired during the 2014 Sochi Olympics. 

As a director, cinematographer, and editor, Malik is able to shape his vision from start to finish. He continues to pursue new projects that showcase interesting people or topics from an original vantage point.